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Renovating the bathroom can make a dramatic appearance in the home. Since this room is often the smallest room in the house, remodeling takes a fraction of the time as other rooms would require. Plus, renovation costs are about a fraction of the costs as you would spend to renovate other rooms in the house as well. But how can you renovate your bathroom, especially when specs are limited? The ideas are truly endless.

Some of the best ideas for bathroom renovation include:

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·    Countertops: Countertops can look old and worn very quickly. Replace them and revive the entire appearance of the bathroom. You can pick from several countertops materials to get the look you want.

·    Flooring: New flooring is yet another option to remodel the bathroom that has dramatic benefits. You can also pick from several flooring materials to make the renovation for your bathroom.

·    Backsplash: People add backsplash to their bathrooms and to the kitchen. Be one of those people and create a focal point on the wall and protect it from damages as well. It is a win-win situation.

·    Bath Tub/ Shower: Many modern bathrooms include a separate bathtub and shower. This renovation can make the bathroom more cozy and give an appearance of more room. It is not as expensive to make this renovation as you might imagine as a bonus.

·    Painting: A fresh coat of paint has tons of perks for any room in the house, including the bathroom. Wallpaper also works well in the bathroom and has made a dramatic comeback in the past few years.

Contact a professional if you want to get a new look in your home with bathroom renovation in fenton, mo. The ideas above are among many ways to create that personalized look that you want.