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People throw around words like an electrical contractor and electrician like they are the same thing, and while to the untrained eye it might seem like they areĀ… that’s not always the case. The two terms are actually very different, and they even provide different services to you.

An electrician is a person who comes into your home and actually does the work. They connect the wires, provide the power, and fix any problems that you might have. They are licensed and trained and have spent several thousand hours in an apprenticeship setting to learn nearly every scenario you could throw at them.

They can handle most small and medium-sized jobs without any trouble and generally keep their work in the field of electricity.

An electrical contractor is someone who works for businesses and has a contractor’s license. They can take on a wider variety of jobs and handles services such as the installation of switchboards, AC units, wires and appliances, and the installation of ceiling fans. Electrical contractors in Queensbury, NY are also always learning, and are required to renew their licenses every year.

Basically, an electrical contractor is a special type of electrician. Not all electricians are contractors though, as they would need to undergo additional training. Electrical contractors also hold more licenses and can have insurance that protects them and their employees from problems on the job site.

Electrical contractors in Queensbury, NY

A licensed electrician is typically under the employ of one or more electrical contractors, as they are the ones that hold the business license. If an electrician wants to strike out on his or her own and start a business, then they need to get a contractor’s license first. While people might confuse the two and get them mixed up, it’s important to note that both are very different.