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sunroom contractors in Vancouver, BC

If you have some extra space and are willing to get home additions, you might want to consider sunrooms. Most sunroom contractors in Vancouver, BC, will offer you different kinds of sunroom additions to your house. Since each type has a different purpose of serving, let us look into some popular ones.

Screen rooms

Screen rooms are generally extremely affordable and manageable. The best thing about them is the serenity they offer. Since they are surrounded by glass or transparent sheets on all sides, they allow a lot of sunlight in, allowing you to bask in the sun for as long as nature allows.

Three season rooms

Three season rooms allow you to enjoy the outside world from the comforts of your house. However, they are not compatible with all seasons depending on insulation and your location’s climatic conditions. They are slightly affordable and perfect for enjoying during spring, summer, and fall.

Four season rooms

Four season rooms are the most expensive sunrooms you can get constructed. They are made of insulated glass to allow inner temperature regulation throughout the year. Even though building them might be expensive, maintaining them is not. You can enjoy these rooms in all seasons.


Solariums are considered to be extreme sunrooms. They are structures made of glass walls and glass roofs. They allow an unrestricted view of your surroundings. Therefore, they are perfect for admiring nature but not great for privacy. They are made of at least 1-inch-thick insulated glass for perfect heating and cooling in all weathers.


The most important step to getting a sunroom is deciding the sunroom type you want. Every sunroom has a different purpose of serving and can provide different coziness, aesthetic, and relaxation auras. You can talk to your contractor to see how much each room will cost you and consider your requirements to make the right decision.